Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Day Before the Concert - Oct. 15, 2009

Setting Up Stage Platforms

Stage is up......ready for equipment

Stage is taking shape

The Lancers East - Burgundy Show Room

Rod Crosby's "Magical Space"

Stage complete - 6 hours to set up

Time to visit with old friends - #1 benefit of this show!

L-R Robin Venikoff, Davis West, Lee White,
Paul West, Roy Moore, David Woods
Sam Stephenson came in from Houston to
play with "Mourning". He and Rick Kern
went on the road together in 1973 with
the "Sounds Royale Show" and have been
great friends for all of these years. Sam
has been a big help with supplying Rick
many photos seen on the site that started

Drummer Danny Lucas McDaniel calling musician
friend Mark Cianfrani in LA to see if he was
coming to the concert. Danny played drums with
Buddy Holly in 1958. He has been a great friend to
many of us through the years. He had Danny's
Music Box - where many of us have been buying
our equipment for many years.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Rod Crosby and Robert Manning setting
up the sound for the stage monitors and
back line
Rick taking a call from musician friend
Sean McGeeney in Ireland. He and his
band "The Urge" were wishing us "good
luck" on our show tonight. Fiddle player
Bobby Napier introduced Sean to me a
year or so ago and we have become great
friends ever since.
Danny Joe McDaniel and Rick having a
nice visit. Danny loaned us the drum
kit for tonight's show. The McDaniel
boys are the best!

Rod - Great Musician, Great Soundman

Putting on a show like this requires
great support. Vivian Louis and Connie
Trumbo stepped up and helped us out
with T-Shirt and CD sales. Thank you
all - we sold out!
Sam Stephenson and Billy Taylor Sparks
Rick Kern and Karen Taylor - Good
Karen is a Grammy Nominee with
some major credits as a writer and
performer. She gladly accepted my
invitation to be our Mistress of Ceremony.
We couldn't have made a better choice!
Karen and Sam rehearsing their duet

Patricia Crosby and Kathryn Powell

Connie Trumbo selling our Border Legends
Concert T-shirts

Laura Neal, Dalton Powell, Patty Tiscareno,
Kathryn Powell and Andre Bonaguidi

Doug Neal & Dalton Powell

David & Cindi Rutledge

Sound engineers Elias, Robert Manning
and Patricia Crosby

AppleJack was the first group to perform.

Rod's smiling.....it must be sounding
pretty good!

Zoomer got the first standing
ovation of the night with his
rendition of "Lil Darlin"
He set the bar pretty high
for all of us!

The Sherwoods - Billy Taylor Sparks

The Sherwoods - Frankie Sotelo, Bobby
Maddox, Henry Martinez
The Sojourners - Ron Gorton, Sue Dawson,
Randy Jones, Rick Kern on drums

The Sojourners - Rick Kern

The Sojourners - Richard Starnes

Rick Kern introducing emcee/performer
Karen Taylor - Good

Karen singing one of her
original hits.

Karen Taylor - Good and Sam Stephenson
singing one of Karen's songs "One Mile Apart"
Karen Taylor - Good singing her hit
"Tex Appeal"

Videographer Rick Kern Jr. shooting
Bobby & The Premiers

Dalton Powell on the congas

Bobby & The Premiers